AIG Update 2/22/18

*2nd quarter student projects have been posted to the Kestrel AIG Site.  Student work will be showcased each quarter for review by parents and students.
*Parents…. make sure you have connected to Prodigy and Seesaw so you can see what your children are doing in AIG class in real time!  Connecting to these digital tools as parents allow you to keep track of your child’s productivity in class, and the students enjoy seeing the comments and encouragement from parents!!!

AIG Update 2/15/18

*Students are finished presenting 2nd quarter projects and have moved on the new Literature and Math projects using Seesaw and Prodigy.  Information will be sent via email about how parents can connect to these digital tools to monitor your child’s learning.
*Education Plans and Progress Reports were sent home for AIG students.  Please return with a parent signature as soon as possible.

AIG Update 2/7/18

This week in AIG….

*Students are finishing presentations on their projects from the 2nd quarter.  The projects will be posted to the Kestrel AIG site after presentations are complete.
*CogAT scores and results were sent home with students and emailed to parents.  Contact Mr. Love with any questions.
*This week AIG students will be bringing home Progress Reports for the 2nd quarter along with a form called a Differentiated/Enrichment Education Plan.  This form is basically an annual review of AIG services that is required on a yearly basis as communication between school and home about the purpose of the AIG program and the services offered to students through the AIG class.  Please sign and return the form at your earliest convenience after reviewing the progress report with your student.
* The next Math Olympiad competition will be next Tuesday (2/13) and Wednesday (2/14).

AIG Update 1/25/18

This week in AIG classes…..

*Students are presenting their Literature, Math, and Passion projects.  All projects will be posted to the Kestrel Gifted Site when presentations are complete.
*Look for Progress Reports to come home with students next Friday (Feb. 2nd)
*CogAT scores will also be released next week for students who took the exam in mid-December.  A score report will be sent home with the student and Mr. Love will also send an email with the individual score report by next Friday (Feb. 2nd)

AIG Update 12-19-17

*The administration of the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is almost completed.  Make-up testing will be finished this week for any students absent last week and answer documents will be sent away to be scores on Thursday.  I anticipate scores coming back in a few weeks, hopefully by the end of January.  I will forward all individual score reports when I receive them.
*In AIG class students are working to finish projects in Literature, Math, and personal passion by the end of the quarter.
*The next Math Olympiad competition will be January 16th and 17th.  Competitions and practices occur Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school from 3:00-3:45.

AIG Update 12-14-17

This week in AIG….

*Students are half way through Quarter 2 projects.  They are working with Seesaw in the literature project, Powtoon in the math project, and Google Slides in the Passion project.
*CogAT testing is completed for all students who took the test in the regular administration.  Make-up testing will occur next week on Monday-Wednesday.
*You can look at student projects for the 1st quarter posted on the Kestrel AIG Site.

AIG Update 12-7-17

*Students are continuing with their literature mini-projects and math Powtoon project.
*The next round of Passion Projects have also begun.
*CogAT will be administered next week on Dec. 12, 13, and 14.  Registration is now closed, students and parents who registered will receive an email from Mr. Love with all of the details.
*First quarter projects are now posted to the Kestrel AIG Site.  Click on “Student Projects”